A little information about me and my editing work:

I love editing and I seem to have the gene for catching every little error, and also enjoy making suggestions for both small and grand aspects of a book or individual piece--grammatical, structural, or content-based. While my own writing is more often poetry (though I have published prose too), my editing is in all areas, but most often prose. I charge fairly low in the range of what you'll find online for editing work: I ask for between $50 and $75 an hour (clients choose what they're comfortable with). How many pages I can do in an hour depends on the quality of editing and feedback you're looking for, but the average is around 12-13. If I'm just proofing (punctuation, spelling, a missing word or two) I would probably do more (that's double-spaced pages), and if I'm looking more deeply into meaning, thoughts and story, and how sentences convey all that, I might do fewer. I'm very thorough, in proportion to what you indicate that you want from me.


Alice Fogel has been a wonderful reader for my creative nonfiction and fiction. Her astute critiques have greatly improved my books and I value her contributions immensely. --Laurie Alberts, Professor of Creative Writing, Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing Program, and author of Faultline, The Price of Land in Shelby, and others.  

Very helpful. Your edits and corrections improve the flow significantly. Excellent work.
Chard deNiord, Associate Professor of English, Providence College, and author of Sad Friends, Drowned Lovers, Stapled Songs: Interviews & Reflections on Contemporary American Poets; Night Mowing; and others.

A clear eye, a listening ear, a gut feel for narrative line, sympathy for the reader, and a deep fondness for words--these are a few of the things that Alice Fogel brings to an editing relationship. And she's a poet. What else could a writer want to improve his/her work? --Joe Sherman, author of Young Vermonters: Not an Endangered Species, and other books.